Workshop on Frequent Itemset Mining Implementations (FIMI'03)

19 November 2003, Melbourne, Florida, USA
in conjunction with ICDM'03

File Input

The database classes are provided for uniformity and consistency reasons.
However, we understand that some algorithms depend on specialized database I/O classes which may not be covered by the provided utilities. If well-motivated, we will allow groups to use their own data classes.
The only requirement is that the initial database file will be in the following ascii format.
A dataset must store each transaction on a separate line as a list of items separated by white space and ending with a newline. Each item is a non-negative integer.
The items in the test datasets will be consecutively numbered starting from 0, and each transaction will be sorted ascending. (Note that this is not yet the case for the provided test datasets.)

The provided Data class can be downloaded here.

Some example datasets can be found here.

File output

To print all frequent itemsets to the output file, the FSout class can be used, provided here.